McDougal, Myres S. 1906-1998.

Human rights and world public order : The basic policies of an international law of human dignity / by Myres S. McDougal, Harold D. Lasswell, and Lung-chu Chen. - cxxiii, 1012 pages ; 26 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Human rights in comprehensive context -- The social setting of human rights: the process of deprivation and nonfulfillment of values -- Claims made to authority for the protection of human rights -- The global constitutive process of authoritative decision -- The basic policies of a comprehensive public order of human dignity -- Respect as the core value of human rights -- Claims relating to fundamental freedom of choice -- Claims relating to a basic equality of opportunity and freedom -- Claims relating to racial discrimination from discrimination -- The outlawing of sex-based discrimination -- Claims relating to freedom from religious discrimination -- Claims for freedom from discrimination because of non-conforming political opinion -- Claims for freedom from discrimination in choice of language -- The protection of aliens from discrimination: state responsibility conjoined with human rights -- The protection of the aged from discrimination -- The aggregate interest in shared respect and human rights: the harmonization of public order and civic order.

9780190882631 (hardback : alk. paper)


Human rights.

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